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I amuse myself. I keep updating this blog saying yeah, I’ll start blogging, but never do. I mostly use facebook. that’s the lazy way to do it which guarantees some sort of an audience. But for the longest time I’ve been wanting something independent.

So here I am again, promising once again I’ll try this out.. LOL

Some events in recent years (from my former life that I have now escaped) forced me to give up some of my lifelong passions…  Now the time has come for me to come out of hiding… a little at a time.
If you see this post, you probably entered a web address that has expired from a photo copyright (copyright still stands!) .. that I have redirected to this temporary blog.. I apologize.  I will slowly but surely come back to where I was..  hopefully…. but on my own terms.

I am so grateful to be where I can be now- to be myself, to be loved and to love unconditionally….
Thank you for your understanding.





Just testing

Gallery post

So this is a gallery format post.. what does it do? We shall see..

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I had to shut down my social sites…  But wanted to post a way for you all to get in touch with me.. So here!  Its nothing fancy, just a way to stay in touch.  You can leave comments  (Only I will see them)…

More later… ❤